We guarantee our paintwork for 2 years

We only use KAPCI paint, a leader in car refinishing for more than 25 years

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We are open during the nationwide lockdown

We have been issued with an essential services certificate enabling us to assist in repairing your car during the lockdown. Every precautionary measure will be taken to assure the safety of our clients and staff. Call now to book and get your car back to its original shine.


About Dent and scratch repairs

We at Dent and Scratch Repairs pride ourselves on offering our customers commitment and excellence from the moment your car arrives at our workshop. We’re not about the bells and whistles but we will instead offer you sound panel beating advice and services to suit your car’s needs. Our services are spread across all types of cars, from a Toyota Conquest to BMW X5 each being treated with the same level of excellence that we stand by.

Our service is characteristic of a 4 day service delivery from the moment your car is booked in. We offer a 2 year guarantee on our paintwork and dedicated workmanship all at an affordable rate.

We are a team of 16 people that work around the clock to ensure that your car is attended to immediately providing you with a service that guarantees excellence and timely delivery. Our proficiency and reliability is what the team at Dent and Scratch Repairs prides ourselves on.

Our workshop is situated in Linden within the greater part of Johannesburg. You can find us at 9 Bram Fischer Drive, a prime location that offers you 24 hour security, covered parking and camera surveillance so you have one less thing to worry about.

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What our clients say

Just to say a special THANK YOU for the excellent job that you all did on my little blue Conquest. You were efficient and friendly from the moment I drove in with my somewhat compromised vehicle. It is so unusual to get great service here these days and I am justifiably heartened by your rare kindness and smiling staff… that actually deliver beyond one’s expectations.

Again, many thanks


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    We provide a range of professional cosmetic car repair services and can take bumper scuffs, dents, cracks, scratches and chips away, expertly remove dents from impact.


    Our service is fast, friendly and cost effective and we are retained by a number of commercial partners, including major car dealerships, car leasing agents, insurance companies and fleet management groups who value our high quality workmanship and our excellent customer service.


    The damage might not be as bad as it looks. We will do our best first see if we are able to restore the damage by polishing out any marks and scratches, thus saving you time and money.


    Because hail damage does not cut through the paint we are able to use a Paintless Dent Repair method leaving small and large dents untraceable. This is a very cost effective way of repairing the damage.

Success Stories

I brought my wife’s Ford Kuga to your shop to be repaired last week. Your guys has to work until late on Wednesday to complete it but it was ready for me to drive away first thing Thursday morning. My wife is very happy with the repair. Your guys did an excellent job.

When I left the car on Monday, I was asked to remove all valuables from the car which I had done prior to bringing the car to you. When my wife got into the car on Thursday she found our Samsung tablet placed on the rear seat. It must have been left on the rear passenger floor by our boys at the weekend, (we searched the whole house and concluded that the tablet had been lost over the weekend).

It is obvious to us that the guys who worked on the car must have found this when working on the door and they consequently placed it on the back seat. We sadly live in a country where we are all too quick to moan and complain when we get bad service and bad experiences as customers. It is for this reason that I am writing to you to commend the workmanship, and most importantly, the HONESTY and INTEGRITY of your team. Please extend our sincere thanks to your team for this (especially from my son who was about to pay for a replacement from his savings)!

Once again, thank you for this experience. And please congratulate yourself, great teams are only formed by great leadership.

In need of new Upholstery?

We work in close partnership with LouiB Embroidery & Upholstery conveniently situated within the Dent and Scratch Repair Premises. LouiB Embroidery & Upholstery are professionals in restoring and repairing all your motor trimming needs. We can source nearly any material from leather, vinyl or fabric.

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Services include:

  • Replace car seats in leather, vinyl or fabric
  • Panel changes on doors or seats
  • Steering wheel re-cover
  • Gear lever cover/ hand break cover
  • Dashboards recover in leather or PU
  • Rooflinings replacemets
  • Carpeting - redo carpets for small cars,big cars and taxi's

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Cell: 082 424 4871
Tel: 011 782 0901
Email: Malcolm@dentandscratch.co.za
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9 Bram Fischer Drive
Linden Park
Ext 1
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